5 BEST Calisthenics YouTube Channels For Muscle Growth

Today we’re going to be going over the top five best calisthenics YouTube channels that will help you build muscle efficiently with calisthenics/bodyweight training.

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All of these channels don’t come in any specific order and are not ranked. It really just comes down to how you like to learn your information. You can watch all of them, or you could pick just a few that you just enjoy more of the way they teach their information. It’s really just up to you.

This Post Is All About The 5 Best Calisthenics YouTube Channels To Build Muscle With Bodyweight Training

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Why These Specific Channels

Look, there are a ton more calisthenics YouTube channels out there that are amazing when it comes to, let’s say, losing weight, learning specific calisthenics skills, or just fitness and general health. But if you’re looking to actually build your body aesthetically, get more of that bodybuilder style look, build more muscle, then these are my top five best calisthenics YouTube channels when it comes to getting that information and achieving those goals.

The main reason is because, as we preach here at the Bodyweight Training Academy, these calisthenics youtube channels teach most of their stuff based off of bodybuilding principles. And in order to build muscle as fast as possible with calisthenics, you need to apply bodybuilding principles into your bodyweight training.

Top 5 Best Calisthenics YouTube Channels

1. Red Delta Project & Minus The Gym (2 in 1)

Calisthenics Youtube Channels
calisthenics best youtube channels

So first off, we’re going to go with Red Delta Project. And I’m also going to throw in Minus the Gym in there with him, because both of these channels are very similar (technically putting these two guys together we come up with a total of six YouTube channels, but I think that’s fine).

These guys have similar content and their style of teaching is very similar too. They focus a lot on simplicity, on the foundation of physical training. And when you focus on these things, they are actually going to be what actually give you 80 to 90% of your results. And then other things that you can add on top of it, you don’t really need it to see a huge difference in your body composition. So again, it’s very simple, easy to understand advice, but it’s very effective.

Now the main difference between these two is I feel like Red Delta Project probably puts a little bit more content out there where it comes to him talking about mindset tips and mental fitness. On the other hand, Minus the Gym likes to put out a lot of videos where he’s talking about calisthenics products, reviews on rings, bars, etc.. So if you’re interested in different types of calisthenics equipment or products, then Minus the Gym is probably going to be a good channel for you.

Red Delta Project YouTube Channel

Minus The Gym YouTube Channel

2. Fitness FAQs

best calisthenics youtube channels reddit

Next up we got Fitness FAQ’s. This one is probably one of my favorite ones. He is a physiotherapist and he focuses a lot on the science behind the training. So he focuses a lot on the anatomy of the body. He looks at how the muscles work and focuses a lot on having healthy joints and how you can target specific muscles more than others.

I also like how he posts content specifically for beginners and then other content specifically for more advanced athletes. And even though he focuses a lot on hypertrophy based training, he still understands and knows and teaches how to use skills in your training so you still learn how to build muscle and you still learn how to achieve calisthenics skills like the planche and the front lever.

He is also very open-minded when it comes to using external weights or external loads in comparison to other calisthenics athletes that just focus on only doing calisthenics and if you touch any weights, you’re “not a calisthenics athlete anymore.” I feel like this is a very good characteristic from Fitness FAQ’s.

Fitness FAQs YouTube Channel

3. Calisthenic Movement

calisthenics youtube channel reddit
calisthenics youtube guy

As our number three on our list we have Calisthenic Movement. This is an AMAZING channel. They go into a lot of detail in their videos with specific topics, but at the same time, they are very easy to understand.

They give out a lot of content when it comes to specific cues that you can use to make specific exercises more effective. They also post a lot of content when it comes to healthy or strong joints, mobility, or movement components. Even things like posture.

And they also post a lot of content when it comes to helping you progress from a beginner to an advanced athlete and what you can do to switch up the exercises and how you can adjust difficulty in order to help you get stronger, faster.

Calisthenic Movement YouTube Channel

4. Austin Dunham

what is the best youtube workout channel

Next up we have Austin Dunham. I’d say this guy is the one that popularized the term of calisthenics or “bodyweight bodybuilding.” Austin Dunham really understands and teaches you how to incorporate the bodybuilding principles into calisthenics with simple things like sets and reps and progressive overload.
He tries to go away from the traditional calisthenics athletes that go and do things like circuits or a ton of high rep work. And just like Fitness FAQs and Calisthenics Movement, he knows how to incorporate skills like planches or front levers and handstands into his training so he can still continue to build muscle while learning these skills.
Austin is also very open-minded when it comes to using external weights. He uses it himself with doing things like barbell back squats, curls, or calf raises. And he also likes to do a lot of weighted calisthenics, which I think is very effective for putting on muscle with bodyweight exercises.

Austin Dunham’s YouTube Channel

5. Tao Physique

what is the best workout channel on youtube

So finally moving on to number five (technically number six) of our best calisthenics youtube channels list, we have Tao Physique. This guy posts a little bit more sparingly. He’s been posting about once a month as of right now. But the content that he does post focuses a lot on giving you a lot of actionable tips, exercises, variations, and actual tips that you can use to progressively overload your muscles, which is the key when it comes to building muscle with calisthenics or with weights.
He is also very transparent with his content. He has experience as a personal trainer, and he has called out some garbage information from other channels in the past.

Now, something more unique about Tao Physique is that he likes to use a lot of ring work in his training and in his videos. And I think this is very good because as I’ve talked about before, rings can be very versatile. You can use them for a variety of different exercises. You can use them for different push-up variations, pull-up variations, even for your legs. And you can adjust the difficulty. You can move the rings higher or lower to help you adjust the exercise that you want to do.

Tao Physique’s YouTube Channel

Are There More?

Well that is the list of the top 5 best calisthenics YouTube channels that you should be watching (yes, top 6 best calisthenics YouTube channels) when it comes to building muscle with calisthenics.
Now, as I said in the beginning, there are more “best calisthenics YouTube channels” that can be very helpful if you’re trying to achieve other goals. For example, if you want to focus on your flexibility, your mobility, or focus on yoga with calisthenics, you can look at people like Tom Merrick or Gabo Saturno. And these are some very good calisthenics YouTube channels that can give you some very good information and help you achieve those goals.

And if you’re looking for more free resources, go ahead and download our free calisthenics guides.

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