5 IMPRESSIVE But Easy Beginner Calisthenics Moves

Here are our top 5 easy but beginner calisthenics moves that you can learn fast, that look very impressive, even though they don’t take too long to master.

beginner calisthenics holds

One of the top reasons people enjoy doing bodyweight training is because of the amazing calisthenics moves and skills that they can learn. However, it is extremely important to not just jump into the more advanced skills like the Planche or Front Lever. This will only slow down your progress.

Instead, we recommend you start with easier beginner calisthenics moves, like the ones you’ll learn in this article.

This Post Is All About The Top 5 Beginner Calisthenics Moves You Should Master First

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Top 5 Beginner Calisthenics Moves

Clutch Lever

First off, we have the Clutch Lever.

This exercise seems as if you are able to perform the much more advanced calisthenics skills like the Front or Back Levers. However, it is a much easier and beginner friendly exercise.

It is probably the hardest of our beginner calisthenics moves list, but you can still learn it in just a few days or weeks.

How To Perform:

  1. Find a stable pole
  2. Get a firm grip (behind you) with your dominant hand at butt height
  3. Get a firm grip with your other hand at face height
  4. Lie back, extend your legs, and keep everything tight

You can start off with a tuck position, then move into a single leg hold, and then the full Clutch Lever.

Behind The Back Clap Push Up

Before doing this exercise, we recommend you work your way up to 15-20 push ups first.

How To Perform:

The key with this exercises is to use your hips and butt as momentum.

  1. Lower your body like you would normally do in a push up
  2. Use momentum with your hips and push up as hard as you can
  3. Clap behind your back quickly and land back in a push up position


Progressions include, Explosive Push Ups (aim to release your hands on every push from the floor), Clapping Push Ups, Side Tap Push Ups.

Elbow Lever

The Elbow Lever might look very impressive but it’s a very beginner friendly calisthenics skill. It’s the first calisthenics skill that I ever learned. So here’s exactly how you can perform it.

How To Perform:

The key with this exercises is to use your hips and butt as momentum.

  1. Rotate your hands outwards
  2. Tuck your elbows into your abs and obliques
  3. Lie on your elbows and lean forwards slightly to find balance.


Progressions include, Elbow Lever Lean, Tucked Elbow Lever, Straddle Elbow Lever

Frog Stand

This exercise is all about developing balance technique, staying focused, and building the foundation for learning the handstand later on.

How To Perform:

  1. Place your hands on the floor, shoulder width apart with your fingers spread apart and slightly bent
  2. Bend at the elbows and rest your knees on your elbows as you go into the Frog Stand
  3. Lean forwards while keeping your elbows tucked until you find balance
  4. Push with your fingers to avoid falling forwards, and aim to lift your fingers to avoid falling backwards.


Progressions include going in and out into position, pressing and releasing with your fingers on a Push Up position.

Tigerbend Push Ups

Here we have our final exercise in our beginner calisthenics moves list: the Russian Push Up. I’d recommend being able to do 10-15 push ups before learning this move, which most men can achieve in just a few weeks or less.

How To Perform:

  1. Start in a Straight Arm Plan position
  2. Lower yourself as you would for a normal Push Up
  3. Drop down so your elbows touch the floor, while keeping your elbows tucked in. Allow your feet to move back to avoid lifting your hips.
  4. Pull yourself forward and back into the bottom Push Up position.
  5. Push back up to your starting position.


Progressions include only dropping down from the bottom of the Push Up position. Once you feel comfortable with it, try adding in the last 2 steps.

Order To Learn These Beginner Calisthenics Moves

easy calisthenics moves

Seeing results with calisthenics the fastest way possible is all about progressions. And this includes learning the easier skills first and then moving on to harder skills.

We recommend you learn these beginner calisthenics moves in the following order:

  1. Tigerbend Push Ups
  2. Elbow Lever
  3. Frog Stand
  4. Behind The Back Clap Push Up
  5. Clutch Lever

These are simply ordered based on difficulty. They are all pretty similar in terms of difficulty, but we’d still recommend you only focus on 1-2 at a time. Once you master these, you can move on to harder skills and exercises.

If this has helped you find some “cool-looking” beginner calisthenics skills, feel free to view any other articles below or check out our Replace The Gym Challenge to help you build muscle fast without the need for a gym.

This Post Was All About The Top 5 Beginner Calisthenics Moves You Should Master First

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